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Soul Land II


A young boy ridiculed as a useless child makes pledge to himself to become a spirit master after his mother dies. what will happen to him on his adventures

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naj ali 11:58 - 04/19/2018
this is my favorite manua comic, i reallllly love it ^o^emo
naj ali 12:06 - 04/19/2018 Chap 139
this manhua is defenitily the best. Good story, good art,... everything is so good about it I hope you guys (heavenmanga) will continue it and as soon as possible. If you guys can do twice in a weak that'll be a dream coming through for mw. Thnak you for uploading this manhua.
Joshua Jaquez 13:05 - 04/23/2018
Heavenmanga isn't even translating this manga, readmanga is... The first panel of every chapter is usually the people at readmanga, saying to read it there first. Heavenmanga is just taking the chapters from the readmanga website. Although there is a 24 hour delay before heavenmanga can post the chapter. Basically readmanga gets the chapter first since they translated it.
naj ali 13:08 - 04/24/2018 Chap 140
keep it upemo

I wounder if jing hongchen notice that yahou absorb the ice princes.
Can't wait for th next chapter.
please release it as soon as possible
naj ali 14:19 - 04/27/2018 Chap 141
I wounder if Yahou will br forced to use the ice emperor. As always thank you guys and keep it up for us. 

This is my favorite manga and manhua website ^o^
naj ali 13:32 - 05/01/2018 Chap 142
Keep it up.
Foster David 04:58 - 04/03/2019 Chap 3
KID inuyasha 18:05 - 02/17/2020
this is my favorite manua comic, i reallllly love it ^o^emo
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