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A Pervert's Daily Life


Let’s just say Jinwoo and Seyoung got off to a rocky start. Not knowing Seyoung would be living in a company dorm with a male employee, her direct superior at that, she barged into his room thinking it was hers. Her timing couldn’t have been more inappropriate as Jinwoo was in the middle of his pleasure time. Embarrassed and nowhere to hide, Jinwoo’s life was headed towards misery. However, little did he know Seyoung was no ordinary rookie. She had her own dirty little secret…

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Daniel R 01:08 - 04/20/2019
This is by far the Sweetest, Sexiest, Best Manga I have ever read!!!
Daniel R 20:42 - 04/20/2019
More!!! Please!!!
Mahmood Saud 00:20 - 04/21/2019
I made this account just to say this is the most wholesome sexy manwa i read and i love it. It's so precious
Yonko Kaido 14:23 - 04/21/2019
The best manhwa that i have read.. emo
Zoey 08:12 - 05/11/2019
My heart is melting and I can't stay horny because of it god damn it
Kyota Daisuke 19:50 - 05/15/2019
kusuma aditya 03:10 - 05/19/2019
good manhwa....but i think they should end this after the marriage... somehow i feel like there's a NTR if they continue the chapter.... i hope i'm wrong
Kyota Daisuke 18:23 - 05/21/2019
Translation not available?
Danrlei Silva 08:08 - 05/30/2019
What happened with Chapter 19 and 20?
Petrovich Petr 15:04 - 06/20/2019
Best thing I ever read in my life and I mean it! It was manhva that made me wish for a not just interesting end but for a good one(wholesome if you wish) Which is not typical for me at all, last time something like this happened was when I was a kid when the amount of stories that I read was very little,  when I rooted for good and despised bad. However this made me pray for a good ending, I was even ready for it to be a complete turn down, just for it to be the happy one. If you read this comment give thus manhva a try and I assure you you will join me in my opinion on this one(though I think you won't beat you meat a lot to that because you will be too into story itself)
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